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The M.G. Locost Workshop Manual
Last updated February 25, 2013

Throughout this build log you may have seen a few references or allusions to an M.G. Locost workshop manual. You might assume, due to the somewhat flippant nature of these allusions and the build log in general, that said workshop manual was merely a fictional tome, another figment of our warped imagination, and didn't actually exist. And in our estimation that assumption would be totally justified. In this particular case, however, you would be wrong. We do in fact have such a manual, and it is attached below as a .pdf file.

We're pretty sure we didn't need to write a workshop manual for our Locost. We figured that any issues we had with the car could always be resolved by referring to the build log. But where's the fun in that? Our workshop manual not only organizes all of our build information into a more coherent and easy-to-find format, but it was put together in that unique British style that gave us hours and hours of writing enjoyment. Besides, if we ever sold our Locost, we're certain the availability of an actual workshop manual would add at least ten or fifteen dollars to the purchase price.

It's not a huge manual. It's about fifty pages long, without illustrations. It needs illustrations of course, but including them would require that we had some sort of talent in that area, or at least hundreds of hours of spare time that we could devote to these illustrations. We could probably steal a lot of illustrations off the Internet, including taking some directly from the myriad MGB workshop manuals that have already been illegally copied to the Web. But we might get caught.

The manual in any case is not complete. Most of the information regarding parts of the car we built and assembled is generally accurate. Most of the information regarding parts of the car we took off the donor is guesswork. Some of it may be educated guesswork, but probably not. As we continue to learn new and interesting features about our Locost, we'll continue to add them to the manual. So don't go publishing any of it now. We'll let you know when it's done.

Download the Manual (293KB)


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