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Last updated August 20, 2014

We have an FAQ on this site for people who might be interested in building a Locost. It's a useful bit of information, but we made up most of those questions. The questions below are the ones we get most often when we're out somewhere with the car. We always try to be helpful with our answers, but our responses are usually met with blank stares, as if we're making all of this up. It's hard sometimes. This is typically how it goes.

  1. Hey, is that your little green car out there?
    Yes, it is.
  2. What the heck is it?
    It's a Lotus 7 replica.
  3. It says MG on it.
    Yeah, that's not really a question, but it has a lot of MG parts in it. The engine, transmission, wheels, lots of parts.
  4. Did you build it yourself?
    Yes I did.
  5. Some kind of kit, then?
    No, I built it from scratch. You can buy kits for these, but they're expensive.
  6. What about the body, did you buy that?
    Parts of it. The nose and fenders. The rest I made from sheet aluminum.
  7. You made the hood, too?
    Yes, that's part of the body.
  8. Where'd you get the frame?
    I built the frame. I welded it up from about a hundred small tubes.
  9. What kind of engine you got in it?
    You know, I think we've already answered some of these. It's an MG engine, a four-cylinder from an MGB.
  10. Can you drive it on the street?
    Yes, we drove it here. It's legally registered in California. It has license plates.
  11. Is it fast?
    Want to race?
  12. I'll bet it's fun to drive.
    Again, not really a question, but yes, it's fun to drive.

You might think that getting the same questions over and over again would start to get annoying, but it's actually worse. The repetitiveness of the questions provokes a repetitive response, and I fear we're falling into a mode that appears to the outside observer as brusque and haughty. Although I'm not 100% sure what haughty means. Or brusque. I've thought about plastering the www for this website on the side of the car, so the curious could just go online and find out exactly what it is. But that looks too much like advertising, and we already have enough visitors here. So we'll keep practicing our lines, and work on our delivery, and most of all avoid onlookers as best we can.

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