An M.G. Locost Build

The M.G. Locost Construction Manual
Last updated February 09, 2014

We have been surprised to learn that several people around the world (okay, two) have been inspired by our little web site to start their own M.G. Locost builds. This leaves us with both a small measure of satisfaction, and a tremendous amount of guilt. We were under the distinct impression that the sorry tale of misfortune and woe we've spun here in regard to our own build would completely discourage anyone else from giving it a try. Apparently not.

In part to assuage that guilt, we've been putting together a construction manual. The manual describes the proper way to build an M.G. Locost, as opposed to the way we did it. It's main purpose is to keep future M.G. Locost builders from repeating our endless litany of mistakes. We only hope that the manual itself is not one of them.

The manual is aimed mainly at first-time Locost builders, but anyone building a Locost from an MGB donor is welcome to use the accounts and descriptions in the manual, such as it is so far. It will eventually contain drawings, parts listings, and very specific measurements of every custom fabricated piece in the car, which we think will be a great help so long as you want your Locost to look exactly like ours. Of course you're free to choose your own color scheme.

The manual is possibly the most detailed Locost build manual we've ever seen, however it would not likely be of much benefit to Locost builders using something other than an MGB donor. And actually, we'd be surprised if it was much benefit to Locost builders who are using an MGB donor. We'll leave that for the reader to decide.

A PDF of the in-progress manual is available from the link below. It currently contains the first seven chapters, which take you through obtaining a donor, building the basic frame, attaching the front and rear suspension, and installing the steering and pedals. We plan eventually to add another twelve or fourteen chapters, maybe more, so as per our usual warning, don't go publishing any of it now. We'll let you know when it's done.

Download the Manual (3.87 MB)


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