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Last updated September 24, 2015

We wrote a book. It's not about cars, it's science fiction, our second favorite genre after legal thrillers. We would've written a legal thriller, but we don't know much about the law, except what we've seen in Law and Order episodes. And read in legal thrillers. Which is not enough to qualify as experts. We're a lot more comfortable writing about science, and fiction, although we did manage to incorporate a thrilling courtroom scene in our science fiction story, based as usual on our own definition of thrilling. And scene.

It turns out we have about the same grasp of writing fiction as we do automotive fabrication techniques, which as you know isn't great but we did manage to build a whole car. In the end, our writing is what it is, and if you've been following along on our Locost website, you know not to expect too much.

In case you're wondering, or even if you're not, the book is about Earth in the far future, as seen through the eyes of two long-forgotten colonists from Alpha Centauri, returning home for the first time. It's based on an idea we had many years ago, about different courses that evolution might take. We think we explored the concept pretty well, but as always you're free to disagree.

Having neither a publisher nor an agent, or the slightest motivation to find either one, we have embarked upon an intrepid journey into the exciting and fast-growing world of self-publishing. We are told this particular world produces one book in a hundred that's worth reading, at best, but we like those odds.

You can read the book at this link, for nothing more than the dozen or so hours of your life you'll never get back. We also have an ePub version that you can download below for your Nook or Kindle, but the formatting isn't the best because a) we did it ourselves using a free converter, and b) it's ePub. We actually like the web pages better. But both are free.

On the other hand, if you're the sort who likes to sit by the fire with a bound tome with real paper inside, and you also have around fifteen bucks that you could lose in the subway and not notice, you can order the book in trade paperback form. Trade paperback sounds pretty cheesy, and it is, but it has a decent font size, a nice shiny cover, and it's easy to recycle.

We encourage you to read one of the free versions, but should you decide to buy the book, get it at a 30% discount from and not at the full $19.95 retail from the prohibitively expensive For every book sold, lulu will send us three dollars and forty cents (Amazon will send us bupkis). The rest of your hard-earned dollars will go to lulu and your favorite parcel delivery service. Based on our share of the profits, we only need to sell 32 copies of the book to fully fund the M.G. Locost website for another year. But no pressure.

Download the free ePub version


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